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Shhhh! (part three)
1.5k, Rated PG

It’s a high school-age library au, whee. 

AO3 for previous parts 

Darren is pretty sure of a few things: that Chris likes hanging out with him, that Chris likes making out with him, and that Chris likes… him.

He’s not at all sure why Chris looked like he was about to piss himself when he saw Darren in school or why he cold-shouldered so hard that Darren is still feeling the freeze burn of it, but Darren’s not the type of guy easily dissuaded from things he wants.

And he does want Chris. He’s a senior, he only has a few months left in this school and the future is big and wide and open after this, but he’s not going to be so wrapped up in what comes next that he lets right now go to waste.

He realized he was fucked the first time he daydreamed about taking Chris to prom.

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Shhhh! (part two)
Chris/Darren (AU)
2.2k, Rated PG-13

It’s a high school-age library au, whee. Part two. For Mav. For reasons. 

AO3 for previous parts or part one on tumblr.

As far as Chris sees it, there are only three problems with this whole secretly making out with Darren freaking Criss thing that seems to be happening with a delightfully alarming regularity.

The first thing: Darren is under this strange assumption that Chris is actually worth his time. Chris can understand how once, under bad public library lighting, Darren might could made the mistake of thinking that Chris was someone he wanted to get to second base with but after their burger date the first night Darren had to have actually gotten a good look at him. The fact that he didn’t run screaming for the hills is only slightly less confusing to Chris than the chem take home exam that he’s currently avoiding. Chris is a habitual liar in situations where he thinks he can get away with it consequence free. He likes to consider it getting into character; pretending to be someone besides himself. He likes the confidence that stepping outside of his own mind gives him.

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Since we’re going back to McKinley can Blaine serenade Kurt on the school steps in 601

He should, it’s the only Klaine tradition we’re going to have since they’ve robbed us of our Christmas duet.

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